The family of stingrays had been in the phone booth for about a month. That is, they had once been rays. And they still felt like rays, but since the boating accident, they certainly weren’t rays anymore. The parents, Martha and Frank were having a harder time with this than the kids. They had enjoyed … Continue reading School



[Non-fiction today. I'll get back to my stories next week] I had an argument with my husband this morning about his response to the first draft of something I wrote.  He was being honest, those are his words, questioning why I expanded on a perfectly good short story. I think he thought he was complimenting … Continue reading Honesty


I came across this mixture of pain and hope written by a medical resident doing a tour in the Emergency Department. It’s gripping – well worth the read. I especially appreciated the glimpse into someone else’s world.

Serendipitous Rambling

I feel like a stranger in the white coat. A little fresh, a little raw, a less confident version of myself. A little unprepared for the routine of the Emergency Department. A month of posting in ED is mandatory for residents from other departments to ease the workload of the regulars and I walk in to do my share.

I start documenting the cases alloted to me.

26 year old unmarried male, driver by occupation, with a history of accidental fall from a height of 15 feet presents with complaints of severe back pain. Power 0/5 in both limbs. Sensation absent below the umbilicus. No external injuries. Adv: Xray DL and LS spine. Provisional: Traumatic paraplegia.

My age! Damn it, he’s my age.. And he may never walk again, let alone drive..

3 year old girl brought by parents with history of drowsiness and headache since morning. Known case of…

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The Grove of Bitter Dew

“Are you ever going to turn around?,” she asked, and, as before was greeted with silence. “You should see what I’m doing right now. I’ve got plants on my head,,” she said. “They are balanced perfectly, it’s really a sight.” His head cocked slightly. Had she not been staring she would have missed it. “And … Continue reading The Grove of Bitter Dew