You Will Like My Son

“You have a lovely home, Dr. Michaels,” Karen said as she stepped into the hallway. “Please call me Judith. Dr. Michaels is for the office. By the way, how is it going with the smoking, any more cravings?” Karen assured her she felt completely over the habit, as Judith ushered her into the sunken living … Continue reading You Will Like My Son


A Hankering for Lettuce

My first published story!!! Longshot Island published "A Hankering for Lettuce" this week. I learned about this publication from Cathleen Townsend's post Longshot Island helps emerging authors.  She's done a good job of describing what they do. For me, they helped polish the story, and I got to work with a really clever editor/writer Sam Claussen, … Continue reading A Hankering for Lettuce