A Hankering for Lettuce

My first published story!!!

Longshot Island published “A Hankering for Lettuce” this week. I learned about this publication from Cathleen Townsend’s post Longshot Island helps emerging authors.  She’s done a good job of describing what they do. For me, they helped polish the story, and I got to work with a really clever editor/writer Sam Claussen, who’s the kind of guy who posted my story on his blog and took none of the credit.

Here is the link to the story (Bonus: you get to find out my real name):


“Flames leaped up and danced merrily in the pot. The odor of the forest returned full strength. She reached into the flame, grabbed a branch and pulled.”

Read “A Hankering for Lettuce” on Longshot Island for free here!

9 thoughts on “A Hankering for Lettuce

  1. You are too modest. I been reading some of your stories for some time and loving them. This one is great.

    Great because of our imagination, turn of words, strong vocabulary, pacing and never a disappointing ending.

    Thanks for sharing.

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