Guest Post: Do Podcasters Sleep? — Mindfump.

Very excited to have been asked to contribute a guest post on Paul Green (aka Mindfump)’s awesome blog. Paul is really funny and candid about his experiences and life’s challenges, and it was a big honor to be asked. So go check it out! And give him a follow while you’re there, you will not be disappointed.

(Come to think of it, half of you are probably people I started following because you left witty comments on his posts. It’s like the Algonquin Round Table over there.)

~ I normally write fiction but not today.~ Today, I spent the day recording the audio for one of the first stories I posted on WordPress, called The Lily. When I say the day, I mean the past three weekends at 2:00 am when my children, husband and dogs were sleeping. I tried it with […]

via Guest Post by Lara Clouden: Do Podcasters Sleep? — Mindfump.


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