She Persisted

The second time his mom tried to drown him in the bathtub, they had taken her away. Jared had felt sad for her. She was crying and he’d tried to let her know he understood, but they wouldn't let him talk to her. He remembered she smelled like lemons and she sometimes sang to him, … Continue reading She Persisted

Every Pot has to Sit on its Own Bottom

“My teacher said you have to call her,” Jason told his mom. “Why?” “She didn't like my drawing.” Jason’s mom looked directly at him. He felt squirmy. “What did you draw?” she asked. “Just our house.” His mom relaxed a little. “Well, why didn’t she like it?” “I don’t know,” Jason said. He threw his … Continue reading Every Pot has to Sit on its Own Bottom


“Tell me more about Earth, Grandpa. Joey's been saying you lied about everything,” Tommy said. “Joey's a bit of a mutate.” “Joey said you said you had a dinosaur, but there aren't any dinosaurs.” “What? No, no. Dinosaurs are extinct.” Grandpa looked out absently over the landscape below. The population was now almost a small … Continue reading Ditto