Market Day

The market was not exactly bustling, but Frank knew the transaction would not take long. Elner was a prime specimen, there would be eager buyers. Frank tried to be logical about it, as his house leader had chastised him to be when he directed him to take Elner to be sold. Elner had been Frank’s … Continue reading Market Day

Christmas in space

George spent most of his youth separate from the others, puzzling out math problems well above his age. When he studied astrophysics in college, he was only 12 years old, and he wasn’t even cute. The other students did not so much ignore him as not see him. He didn’t mind. He wanted to understand. … Continue reading Christmas in space


He loved her, and that made her his. He liked to tell people that - his little joke at parties. “I love her, she’s mine. I licked that one, you can’t have it.” He did not mind her lumpy middle, took her flat feet as part of the package that was his. She smelled of … Continue reading Mine