It had been so long since Adolfo had been brought to the floating prison, he barely remembered the revolutionary impulses that had led to his capture. He remembered the girl, though. She’d had the heart and tongue of a poet. They still made songs about her, he knew from the more recent inmates, who sang … Continue reading Prisoner

She Kept a Diary

Jeff felt under the pile of Lizabeth’s neatly folded shirts. Finding nothing he replaced them and closed the drawer, pulling out the one beneath it. Who needs an entire drawer of yoga pants? His search was again fruitless. Where the hell had she hidden it? He sat on the edge of the bed to think. … Continue reading She Kept a Diary

Where did the pets go?

Jeremy's mother was talking to Mrs. Marsden about the neighborhood pets that had turned up with their throats cut. Jeremy held close to his rabbit Gunther as he crept upstairs. Although for once he was interested in their conversation, he wanted to take this chance to sneak into his parents’ bedroom. His dad stored the … Continue reading Where did the pets go?