Virtual Escape

Gavin pressed the arrow key on his keyboard, making the robed figure on the screen rotate and float to the right. He led the priest on a sweep of the perimeter of the hall. Where could it be? There had to be a key in this room somewhere. He knew the goblins were coming, and he had already died five times in this room, today alone. His pulse throbbed in his neck. Who said video games didn’t get you exercise? The telltale noise of approaching goblins burbled in his earphones. Pressing the arrow keys in quick succession, he returned the priest to the wall. What was he missing?

Gavin arrowed the priest straight at the wall and used the shift key to make him jump. The figure smashed into the stone surface and slumped to the floor. The gurgling goblins were getting louder. Gavin pressed the arrows frantically, making the priest shoulder the wall, trying to push it open with brute force.

Anxiety crawled up Gavin’s throat. He took a deep breath and surveyed the dark gray structure for what seemed like the thousandth time. Tall, wide, and smooth save for the deep, swooping grooves carved into the surface, the wall was impenetrable. Tapping the letter A, then L, Garvin activated the priest’s left arm towards the wall until it touched the groove. Gavin searched for a button, and lucked out when the priest’s ring made contact with the door. The groove turned out to be the edge of an enormous button. Ignited by the ring, the button depressed and the wall slid to the side.

But it was too late. Just as a new chamber came into view with tantalizing slowness, the goblins swarmed into the room and overwhelmed the priest. With a dramatic musical chord, the priest expired.

Garvin took his earphones off in disgust. He’d been so close!

The scratching squeak of claws on styrofoam drew his attention behind him. He turned, wincing at the earthy smell of dog poop. There on the floor, his labrador thumped a tail on the carpet, pausing from its demolition of what was supposed to be Garvin’s lunch with a guilty stare. Gavin spotted two soft piles of dog crap on the floor behind the dog.

With a sigh, Gavin turned back to the keyboard to click on the “New Game” prompt on the screen.

Inspired by Vicente L Ruiz’s weekly photo prompt on Google Plus
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