Grandma was an alien

The band of cousins had been rolling over each other and playing like puppies all afternoon. Now they were settling down, sprawled out on the furs that covered the floor, squealing as one occasionally stepped on another. “Grandma, how did you and Grandpa meet?” asked Marta, a newly minted teenager steeped in romance. The others … Continue reading Grandma was an alien


Every Pot has to Sit on its Own Bottom

“My teacher said you have to call her,” Jason told his mom. “Why?” “She didn't like my drawing.” Jason’s mom looked directly at him. He felt squirmy. “What did you draw?” she asked. “Just our house.” His mom relaxed a little. “Well, why didn’t she like it?” “I don’t know,” Jason said. He threw his … Continue reading Every Pot has to Sit on its Own Bottom

What’s Mine is Yours

Inspired by Vicente L Ruiz’s weekly writing prompt. Picture credit also to Vicente. Belgurb and Meeprose were at the Milky Way Oddities conference on Andromeda. Belgurb sat in on the Truth Probe demonstration where kidnapped earthling specimens were manipulated to tell stories about their favorite memories. One of them talked about a place called Lost … Continue reading What’s Mine is Yours