Alex dug in his pocket, trying to find the money for the coffee. It hadn’t been very good, but at least it had been warm. His camera knocked against the formica table as he leaned forward to search the back pocket of his black jeans. Cursing under his breath at his carelessness, he removed … Continue reading Nikon



Mark pushed his debit card in the slot and tapped his code into the keypad. He didn’t like these outdoor ATMs. They seemed especially dirty and prone to tampering. But it was noon, and the bank was closed for lunch. The glare of the sun made it difficult to read, and he paused a moment … Continue reading The ATM


It had been so long since Adolfo had been brought to the floating prison, he barely remembered the revolutionary impulses that had led to his capture. He remembered the girl, though. She’d had the heart and tongue of a poet. They still made songs about her, he knew from the more recent inmates, who sang … Continue reading Prisoner

Where did the pets go?

Jeremy's mother was talking to Mrs. Marsden about the neighborhood pets that had turned up with their throats cut. Jeremy held close to his rabbit Gunther as he crept upstairs. Although for once he was interested in their conversation, he wanted to take this chance to sneak into his parents’ bedroom. His dad stored the … Continue reading Where did the pets go?

The Runner

Photo Credit  (Anabelle the human) used with Artist's permission Agnes told people she ran in the woods because she loved nature, but that wasn’t it. She was afraid to step on a crack. The sidewalks in her family’s neighborhood were riddled with them; not just the dividing lines between panels, but little fault lines too. … Continue reading The Runner