Do Women Today Have Too Much to Do?

Aircraft pioneer, journalist and mother Fay Gillis Wells has an answer for you. I'm proud to say I guest blogged on Steve Moretti's wonderful site today.  Steve's blog is a "weekly exploration of overlooked history, music, art and the occasional nod to science that inspires fiction.". Check it out, and leave him some feedback if … Continue reading Do Women Today Have Too Much to Do?

Roquita’s catch

Advisory: This excerpt from my work in progress contains mature, albeit biologically fictional themes.  Roquita the flower maiden crept through the forest after dawn with her mother’s catch bag slung over her shoulder. The precious glass vials clinked as she made her way towards the river and Jym the River Dweller. Her parents would be awake … Continue reading Roquita’s catch

Where did the pets go?

Jeremy's mother was talking to Mrs. Marsden about the neighborhood pets that had turned up with their throats cut. Jeremy held close to his rabbit Gunther as he crept upstairs. Although for once he was interested in their conversation, he wanted to take this chance to sneak into his parents’ bedroom. His dad stored the … Continue reading Where did the pets go?