The Runner

Photo Credit  (Anabelle the human) used with Artist's permission Agnes told people she ran in the woods because she loved nature, but that wasn’t it. She was afraid to step on a crack. The sidewalks in her family’s neighborhood were riddled with them; not just the dividing lines between panels, but little fault lines too. … Continue reading The Runner


40 Floors Up

She wanted to take some time to be alone, to figure out who she was. That’s what she’d told Lumis and he’d tried to be understanding. Their apartment wasn’t that large, just a studio you could cross in five paces, with a spectacular view of the city out the picture window. He’d never understood her … Continue reading 40 Floors Up

The Cherophobe: Chapter 1

Originally posted as "The Lily", this is now the first chapter of my work in progress. I thought I'd share this week, since I'm not writing any new stories in November. Cherophobia: A morbid aversion to cheerfulness Avoidance of events that normally cause happiness — Mosby's Medical Dictionary   Arthur the Purple and Amber was … Continue reading The Cherophobe: Chapter 1

Grandma was an alien

The band of cousins had been rolling over each other and playing like puppies all afternoon. Now they were settling down, sprawled out on the furs that covered the floor, squealing as one occasionally stepped on another. “Grandma, how did you and Grandpa meet?” asked Marta, a newly minted teenager steeped in romance. The others … Continue reading Grandma was an alien