Flip Phone

Ted changed the smoke detector batteries the night Daylight Saving Time took effect. He was chucking the used batteries in the drawer they used to collect e-waste for recycling when he noticed the old flip phone. He decided to charge it so his son could play with it. As with all things electronic, it drew … Continue reading Flip Phone


Dorm room

Ben was torn. He wanted his parents and his younger brother to leave this cramped room so he could settle into his half of the dorm before his new roommate returned. He was excited to check out the campus with some of the other kids he’d seen talking to each other behind half-opened doors as … Continue reading Dorm room

The People You Meet

[Postcard] Dear Lisa, This has got to be the worst of all the days, as evidensed by the fact I am writing you a POST CARD because there is no wifi in this gd place. Do you see the number of stairs? Look at that and hold your breath while you count to 5,000 and you will still not truly understand how freaking boared I am.