Sticks and stones

Imelda did not want to get up. Three of her rock-people friends were going into town. They were always so busy, so willing to lug their great mass through space. Roland was the biggest and most active, and his boulder chest and head were smooth from knocking against walls and rolling down hills. He liked … Continue reading Sticks and stones


Dorm room

Ben was torn. He wanted his parents and his younger brother to leave this cramped room so he could settle into his half of the dorm before his new roommate returned. He was excited to check out the campus with some of the other kids he’d seen talking to each other behind half-opened doors as … Continue reading Dorm room

A Hankering for Lettuce

My first published story!!! Longshot Island published "A Hankering for Lettuce" this week. I learned about this publication from Cathleen Townsend's post Longshot Island helps emerging authors.  She's done a good job of describing what they do. For me, they helped polish the story, and I got to work with a really clever editor/writer Sam Claussen, … Continue reading A Hankering for Lettuce

The Grove of Bitter Dew

“Are you ever going to turn around?,” she asked, and, as before was greeted with silence. “You should see what I’m doing right now. I’ve got plants on my head,,” she said. “They are balanced perfectly, it’s really a sight.” His head cocked slightly. Had she not been staring she would have missed it. “And … Continue reading The Grove of Bitter Dew