The Runner

Photo Credit  (Anabelle the human) used with Artist's permission Agnes told people she ran in the woods because she loved nature, but that wasn’t it. She was afraid to step on a crack. The sidewalks in her family’s neighborhood were riddled with them; not just the dividing lines between panels, but little fault lines too. … Continue reading The Runner


“Tell me more about Earth, Grandpa. Joey's been saying you lied about everything,” Tommy said. “Joey's a bit of a mutate.” “Joey said you said you had a dinosaur, but there aren't any dinosaurs.” “What? No, no. Dinosaurs are extinct.” Grandpa looked out absently over the landscape below. The population was now almost a small … Continue reading Ditto

What’s Mine is Yours

Inspired by Vicente L Ruiz’s weekly writing prompt. Picture credit also to Vicente. Belgurb and Meeprose were at the Milky Way Oddities conference on Andromeda. Belgurb sat in on the Truth Probe demonstration where kidnapped earthling specimens were manipulated to tell stories about their favorite memories. One of them talked about a place called Lost … Continue reading What’s Mine is Yours

Love knot

A hand grabbed her arm roughly and spun her around. “What are you doing here?” Peter glared. “Oh…” She thought quickly, looking away to conceal her anger, “Peter… what are you… I… Oh,“ she tittered, finally recovering. “You’ve found me. How exquisite! You can escort me back to the party.” she feigned losing her footing … Continue reading Love knot